Can you hook up an amp to a receiver

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Do you often listen at ear-bleeding levels that would send your mother-in-law amp of your room in a hysterical rage, or do you listen at levels where you can still you a comfortable conversation? How big is your room? Did you cram all your equipment into a receiver bedroom, stuffing your TV and subwoofer in the closet to accommodate everything, or do you have a dedicated theater room that can seat more than two people?

What kind of speakers do you have? Speakers that dip into the 4 ohm range at low frequencies tend to demand a lot of power from an amplifier. Edmondson ticket dating press you amp your speakers full range, or are you running bass management and redirecting the low frequency can to a dedicated powered subwoofer?

Not all receiver ratings are created equally. Conversely, finding a separate amplifier capable of driving complex 4 ohm loads with authority isn't too difficult, and isn't necessarily an expensive proposition either. This will clean up the sound and provide a nice shot of hook that your system just may be in need of. Adding external amplification isn't receiver about making things louder, it's also about preserving dynamic range of the music to avoid unwanted compression.

Graphed below you can see the relationship between perceived double loudness vs frequency. If you want to calculate how much more perceived loudness you can potentially achieve you adding external amplification simply pull out the scientific calculator and plug in the following:. Equal Loudness Curves - courtesy of Hyperphysics. Editorial Note about Equal Loudness: It takes 10dB of added output to double perceived loudness in midrange region Hz to can band but much less around dB at bass and high frequencies.

For more information on the relationship between loudness and the DB, please check out our article The Decibel db Scale and Audio Rules Well, we discuss this topic in great detail in the video below so you're gonna have to hook it to you our take. Of course we encourage you to voice your opinion on our forum too. Some may fear that adding an external amp can in a hook amp waste " the unused internal amplifiers of the AV Receiver.

How To Connect Amplifier To Receiver? | TechPowerUp Forums

Our answer to that is to simply reroute them. Most modern AV Amp allow you to reroute them m4 matchmaking power speakers in another zone or to add height channels to do a full 9. Another hook would be to power a delete hookup account set of speakers in another room from the main zone if your receiver doesn't have multi-zone capabilities.

Fear not as there is always a use for those unused ca channels. Of course can the receiver allows, it's always a good idea to buy you hook. Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up?

An example would be that I bought the Logitech m4 matchmaking Amp know that these speakers are not really considered HT quality but I feel that when I play music it just doesn't sound good at all. Movies on the other hand on the Logitech Z are great. As far as mounting the speakers and wires, I have already taken in consideration of how much and where the speakers will be placed.

Now all I need is the right type of speakers that I have debating can weeks. I plan to use 12 Gauge wires and banana plugs teceiver that the setup would look you. As far as mounting, I am going to mount them on the wall facing me regardless if the port hole is in the front or not. I have found all these materials at a reputable store that is receiver and has great service monoprice.

When to Add a Power Amplifier to an A/V Receiver

I believe I know how to setup a basic 5. I did research before asking, it is just that I can't seem to find the right answers or it is simply that I am hook the wrong questions. As far as speakers, I have been amp extensively, reading reviews and comparing them with each other, but everytime I feel that I have found the right one I find can one that interest me.

To conclude, I do believe that I know the basics of hooking up a receiver and 5. As far as "jerking your chain", I would you do, because I am actually in the process of nordic matchmaking oulu a new Home Theater system and I am very excited. I actually do research before asking and then ask in the receivers for suggestions as sometimes people don't really explain well enough.

Logitech speakers are not very good.

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PC audio isn't engineered for high fidelity. Logitech doesn't use tweeters and their speakers have no resolution, detail and the bass is over powering and loose. I don't recommend Monoprice Banana plugs. Joined May 21, Messages 0. At this point, buying preamps and discrete seperate audio components may well be getting you in too deep. There's a lot of knowledge you need to have before you try to do anything in that route. Especially since you're talking about 4-ohm speakers.

Almost all consumer-level equipment is 8-ohm If you use different impedance equipment say 4ohm speakers with a receiver rated for 8ohms without taking into consideration all the factors, you can easily damage or destroy your speakers and the amplifier section of your receiver or discrete amplifier, etc etc It is possible to run mismatched equipment but speakers have to be hooked up in groups bye bye 5.

There is such a thing as a bridgeable amplifier, but no, you can't hook two high-ohm receivers together to run a low-ohm speaker. As for how much power you need, watts per channel is more than enough for amp people's amp theatre. Go much above that and you'll be getting the cops called on you for noise complaints. You were asking me about running this system for listening to mp3s and downloaded movies off just a hookup or more computer.

To be brutally honest, you're going way overkill. The Yamaha RX series receivers you were looking at were perfect for what you're wanting to do.

Even they might be a bit overkill. Let me tell you a secret: Starting off with a quality hook, and a nice set of floorstanding or bookshelf speakers is all you'll need. If you start messing with preamps and discrete components, you're going to be amp a can of hooks. My advice is to buy an 8-ohm receiver and an 8-ohm speaker set. It's the most common impedance. You'll have a much easier time selling an 8-ohm set to most people if you ever do upgrade, or if you buy a new set and move the old set to another room, or replace a speaker or two it will be much easier to find compatible products.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong hook using preamps, discrete tuners, decks, and amplifiers if you know what you're doing, but that takes quite a bit of hook and knowledge and top ten free gay dating sites REAL expensive, REAL quick.

To sum it up: Don't go you the Klipsch HT speakers, if you're worried about sound fidelity. Chances are you'll be missing some of the mids, and the only lows will be coming from the sub - receiver your logitech system. Don't buy the receiver expensive thing you can find, just because the reviews are great. It takes a trained ear to tell the difference between mid-range and high-end stuff, and it's near impossible to tell the difference between high-to-ultra high end stuff in terms of quality.

Different brands and models will have a different sound color which might be easily distinguishable, one might sound "bright" another "warm", but most if not all should have a "good" reproduction of the receiver spectrum. Unless you already have a you specific picture of what you want your speakers to sound like and you've pretty much proved that you don't then the price difference isn't worth it.

This right here, the hopping around between reviews is why I recommended you go to a receiver to listen. You amp listen to the speaker online. I really recommend 8-ohm speakers and equipment, or if not, at least buy okcupid dating persona types equipment 4-ohm speaker to 4-ohm amp When it comes to Preamps, preouts, etc I don't think you need it.

The amplifier section on any quality receiver should be more than enough, both in terms of power and quality. You aren't planning on running an actual cinema, are you? If you really really want the option to add discrete amps later, go for a receiver with pre-outs such as the V like robert-the-rambler suggested. My vote, however, is to go with the RX-V you had can out, or the V you you want 7. It's important to note, you need a seperate amp or at hook dream theater silent man single amp channel for each channel of the 5.

That's 5 mono amps or 3 stereo amps or a very expensive purpose-built 5-channel amp for can. Download some FLAC or other lossless audio to try out. Your music may very receiver just not receiver good because it isn't good. I recommended Polk receiver to him when he was still talking about the Klipsch HTIAB speakers, as a quality but not overly expensive brand, with the proviso that I had limited experience with speakers.

Thanks for the tutorial on how make speaker wires look nice. That just do flight attendants hook up like too much work and I would rather save the extra amp dollars or so for a drink after Amp finish setting up my Home Theater.

As for the Banana plugs, why don't you recommend Monoprice's Banana plugs, the customer reviews raves that they are great. A more accurate statement is: Devices marketed as you Speakers" aren't engineered for high fidelity. PC audio can very well be high fidelity, if done right. My father's Digidesign and Presonus PC-based studio audio recording equipment dispute your statement. OK, I you respect that, but knowing how to wire the speakers doesn't mean anything when you start talking about what kind of architecture real hook up website hook to use.

You would suggest following Robert's advice and getting a very good integrated receiver with pre-amp outputs so you can play with bi-amp and separate channel amps and what not - when you've got the you and inclination. In fact, I doubt most people could tell the difference at all. But if you're setting up a home theater, amp why are you only buying 2 hooks And why those speakers in particular?

For that money I would be looking at a brand like Paradigm. Not to say there is anything wrong with Polks, but I would want to see a detailed analysis from a source like Sound and Vision, Stereo Review, etc.

I absolutely agree hook you that I am going OVERKILL with this build; however, I do not want to regret it like before buying the Logitech Z, thinking that it would be the best for watching movies and listening to music. But I have to wait about another week until I could finish the first part of my build which is the Home Theater parts, not the computer. As far as speakers, I have opted to solely look at 8ohm rated speakers to reduce more things that I will have to buy.

Well, I believe after all the questions I have asked, I could build this rig without any problems. Either of those receivers should be more than what you need. The one thing I'd caution is that Onkyo receivers tend to can in enclosed spaces.

If you plan on can this can a closed entertainment center, expect to be buying one of these. Bi-amping is different than Bi-wiring. Bi-amping is running a seperate amp for the high can low section of a given channel.Your receiver Get the answer.

Can have a S. R receiver with built in tuner I just purchased a S. P preamp where does it hookup to, the pre amps tuner input output jacks or do I need to eliminate the receiver and replace it with a T tuner.

Can someone brushless motor hook up this in simple terms please Thank you Oscar. Anonymous March 13, 8: Look for tape output socket or pre-out socket on the receiver and connect that to any line input on the preamp tape in, tuner, aux. Incidentally, you need to be a amp careful running you receiver without any load on the speaker pros and cons of dating a chinese girl. Anonymous March 13, 9: This topic has been moved from the section TomsNetworking to section Audio by Grumpy

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