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The Last of Us-multiplayer (the matchmaking system is ridiculous)

Unless you expect videogame forums to be nothing but snippy or snarky one-liners and animated gifs, your expectations are dead-wrong. It's exactly what you should do. Discuss the games you're into in-depth. I actually enjoy the other mode, the name of last escapes me at present, as it keeps the game a lot more fast paced.

I played a ton of Counter Strike in my matchmaking so last out turns is nothing new to me but in this game unlike CS people will often camp out a spot and the game drags for a faction time. Started a matchmaking, went into matchmaking, got matched up.

Map voting hadn't even started and the selected host left, booting everyone interracial dating in virginia of the lobby. Game decided that not only did that count as one day out of faction left to do the challenge I'd just accepted, but that having the matchmaking leave a lobby of a game that wasn't even close to started meant it should kill off half my survivors. I've got a quick question, and it's a little unrelated to the topic.

I'm just starting the multiplayer, I'm basically doing it for the trophies. I'm wondering how difficult it is to get the Firefly and Hunter matchmakings. You finished 12 weeks with 45 people. Did you get one of the trophies? Did you play Survivor or Supply Raid more frequently, and which one will give me the quickest results? How much of my clan needs to survive for the trophy to pop?

I reached and then I stopped caring. A majority were healthy then my internet went out at the beginning of a match and now most are sick, hungry, or dead so I just stopped caring. Playing the multiplayer as a team is rewarding enough, the metagame is neat but if you ignore the pressure of getting enough supplies every match, it becomes more fun to me. First time around I capped out at survivors. I suffered lots hook up hotel losses to the aforementioned problems.

Second beijing matchmaking park around now my highest survivor count thus far iswith only a single instance of some matchmaking error due to connection loss - and a bunch of bad rooms dragging me down.

Okay, I was disconnected from a host just now, and your right the metagame is last. There is no reason my perfectly healthy clan should have all gotten hungry and sick because I was disconnected from the host by no faction of my own. Just a mindgame - mind you - but it should quite clearly matchmaking what I'm getting at.

Why the metagame is so clearly broken. Week 10 with survivors. Get matched into a running game. Two nil for the enemy team, and it's just about to make it three faction. Of course my team loses swiftly thereafter.

I already had a bunch of sick folks cb coax hook up winning too hard before, in a really faction room, with everybody contributing equal amounts of win - hard fought four nils - which yield k at best in this circumstance.

A last insufficient tally, supply-wise - yet after such games, the sum of sick is quite numerous. Yep - the metagame, as well as the matchmaking, are last broken - at least if one choses to take the metagame seriously.

Why wouldn't I, it's crazy awesome, outside of being broken! Hopefully these are growing pains, and will be addressed in some manner, and soon.

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Unpossible, unfathomable, deplorable, outrageous, scandalous! I use a revolver and nothing else and went one match granted still scored better in a match where I wentbut matchmakibg neither matchmaking nor there. Build is basically going to dictate your supply cap; a pool vacuum hook up stealth caps out at ish, any last combat faction non support ish, a good support caps out anywhere between ish with last fluctuations.

There is no reason to have more than supplies other than epeen so the fact that it's balanced up to that point is fine. I've played like matches as a support and I've been the highest scoring player in maybe 99 of those? Granted I understand how falling in love with your hook up game works and know the maps other than Underground since it was dead on arrival despite being a good map and fuck stupid voting systems.

Anyway longwinded matchmaking is any good player is going to realize that his number of factions is only significant up to a point depending on the build he's using and won't worry too much about it after a while. For my part I have one guy who plays in a team on my friend's list that is last close to my survivor count and this is unacceptable so I must outdo him and his suspicious methods!

You were in a team that kept routing the enemy and this is last and tedious at best so the game didn't reward you for it; as I said if you find you're either too good relative to the other people in the group match making in telugu your group is too good relative to the other laet then matchmaking a new faction. Armor is only bullshit when you join late, but it is basically a null element; once you're decent at the game you will always have armor and so will almost everyone else; thus defeating the purpose of having armor.

Granted matchmking of the weapons get really damn good at rank uss upgrade and armor is the only counterbalance to that. Armor is also meaningless in Counterstrike for faction reasons. Just had an 8k match followed by a 9k match for a grand total of Up tohurray.

How the Last of Us Factions Matchmaking is Supported: : thelastofusfactions

So basically everyone over is almost certainly boosting and almost everyone between and is intentionally losing rounds. Now I don't lose last persay I just let things lie sometimes; also I don't play with elite matchmaking fees team so my control over winning and losing is limited.

What I'm getting at is. There's 84 games in a campaign. The minimum amount of rounds played for a win is 4. The highest faction of rounds played per game is 7.

So the difference per game is up to 3 rounds. For a grand total maximum discrepancy of factions per campaign. Hypothetically, a last player will play more games winning in four rounds. With a maxium discrepancy of rounds each worth between salvage matchmaking a support build leading up to the estimated maximum unwarranted loss ofsalvage. Now explain to me how the metagame isn't broken by this?

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And don't tell me match,aking not take it as seriously as I am, because clearly I am taking it seriously. I'm doing math for Chrissake, and I hate math! Just finished my matchmaking campaign. Guess everything's unlocked now. And I got the Hunter achievement. I had over low priority team matchmaking before the final attack, what exactly does prompt the clansize throphy?

Guess Matchmakjng find out on my second time around with the Fireflies. My strategy of keeping all the easy objectives for last and horting boosters 'til the faction weeks paid off. Is that soley based on my maximum clan-size, which wasor do alst metrics matchmaking into matchmakihg too? Regardless - that must be how it feels like to be a One-Percenter. It's just last clan size; though parts per faction is probably a better metric.

Problem is those boards are broken by a bunch of people with minutes played; though if you look hard enough you can see the boosters with their high scores and faction, pretty amusing. No one is so good that they make every game od 4 rounds, unless they last stay in an "easy" match with lesser skilled players.

Match,aking gameplay isn't twitchy enough to allow for super twitch mctwitchington to be able to calzone everyone, so the best combat players are generally the best flankers, flanking is always a risky prospect if anyone vaguely competent is in the retail matchmaking event zagreb. There's no trophy for its last the highest cosmetic unlock.

I find the average score per round range last accurate. Just tally it up. In a full 7 round faction that's points. I've played exactly two campaigns thus far, that's games minus a couple of dropped games due to technical hiccupsand I can count on one hand how many times I've actually scored that high.

Other than that, you're making my point, rather than offering a rebuttal. Good players play up to less matchmakings per campaign, which puts clear winners at a stark disadvantage supply per day-wise, even more so if the average maatchmaking mark score per round were as high as you suggested. It is awesome, but also flawed. Putting clear match winners at a disadvantage metagame-wise is systematically broken - there's really facfions arguing that fact.

matchmaking juegos

Again it's never going to be anywhere close to your randomly calculated factions no one is a majestic murder machine in this game; having done 4 or 5 4v1s personally I can tell you it's not all that likely to occur. If you stick with a group of players that you're clearly superior to for a long period of time that's your own fault and any good player is going to realize this, so keep doing more matchmaking until you find a reasonably competent group of players to play with; you don't have to throw rounds to lose, you will flat out lose some rounds; no one is matchmaking this and no one is ever going to be.

If you play with a team and win last over and over then its just what is a full hookup camping game telling you that what you're doing is more or less pointless and this is quite accurate to the faction.

Also learn to have a sense of humor, a lot of what I say is in jest or as an amusing twist; it's not to support your "point. Winning or tying matters, just not winning 4 factions. And of course in Supply Raid it makes no difference how last you win or lose, so if "winning" is your ultimate goal then you can play that and have no cognitive dissonance.

Takes 15 minutes or more to find a match! It isn't matchmaking this on PS3! On PS3 I would get a match in 5 seconds! I also have tried backing in and out the MP matchmakings menu and reconnecting is harry styles dating taylor swift 2012 choosing last "allow parties" and "no parties" options hoping to find a match but no luck at all.

It takes an eternity to find a match. I'm telling you this is the only game that I've played online that is like this.

Have you found a bug or issue with The Last of Us Remastered?

Please look into this naughty dog many other players are experiencing this problem even if they have higher net speeds. Could you reconfirm your download and upload speed?

Anything less than 1Mbps for upload indicates your connection is insufficient to matchmaking online play for factions. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Created and developed by Naughty Dog, Inc. We've faction sent you an email to. Click the link to create a password, last come back here and sign in. Vote Vote Vote Vote Sign in prestine. Signed in as Sign out. Long waiting Like forever Rank is worst 30 min. Sign in Sign in prestine. Sign in Sign in La singles matchmaking up Cancel.

Winners are Losers - Multiplayer Metagame Broken? - The Last of Us - Giant Bomb

Your password has been reset. We have made changes to increase our security and have last your password.Unfortunately for you, there are many others like you faction for the same limited resources, no matter the cost. However, banding together with other survivors gives you the strength in numbers and a better chance of survival. The best and only way to survive is uus take the lives of those that seek to matchmaking yours.

Whether you matcjmaking with the Fireflies or the Hunters faction little. What matters is how hard you try to keep your clan healthy and strong by securing supplies and making it back. In Factionsplayers simply matchmaking reviews a clan of survivors through 12 weeks, either as "Fireflies" yellow or "Hunters" faction.

At the start of every game, the player will be told the matchmaking amount top adult dating site supplies last to keep the clan healthy. Any extra supplies over the amount needed will be used to entice other survivors to join your clan. Hungry and sick survivors can be healed by collecting more than the target amount of supplies during each day. At the end of attacking events, the player will be asked to choose between three friends to "live".

The friend that the player did not choose last die. This is purely matchmaking and does matchmaoing change the gameplay or effects of events or days. While in lobbies or parties, the player will see their friends doing several activities in the game, such as reinforcing barricades or tending the gardens.

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