What do i need to hook up an amp to my factory radio

What do i need to hook up an amp to my factory radio -

You can take the speaker leads off the back of the stock stereo and route them directly to your amp. The LOC is your input signal. That is feeding the actual audio signal to the amp. The amplifier amplifies that audio signal and feeds it the speaker output. What if I were to tap into the keeper mobile matchmaking speaker wires without the converter by cutting and splicing a rca cord?

I think he only does amp in cars that have a stock amp and have a direct low factory pre-amp level audio signal. I have an 07 maxima with a Bose amplifier. Should I tap into wires that need into the bose amp or the output wires and which colors. Hey Chris, sorry for the late reply, was busy trying to survive the factory season at our shop.

OnDemand lists black as negative and white as positive on the stock subs. Other wise, probably behind the radio. Sounds great only one problem when car goes on or off i get an annoying distortion sound on subwoofer. Try switching the source for your remote turn on lead to a different accessory power source. What would work best? When in doubt, I would go factory to the stock sub. Where is the best amp to hook up a line output converter when amp an amp for a need I may have missed it somewhere.

Hey Keith, you can grab that signal right at the stock Bose subwoofer. Like a positive one side of sub and negative on other side of factory sub?

The stock amp really is not powerful enough nor designed to run the impedance of your MTX. So definitely get the LOC and a separate amp to power your MTX — you could also get an amp that has the LOC built into it too, but either way definitely just grab your signal from the stock sub, but use that signal to feed a dedicated amp to power your MTX. I have a ram with premium alpine system.

I want to add amps and a radio. The car is canbus equipped. How do I get a clean signal for amps. Anything I add must be tied in post factory amp. I need to clean the heavily processed signals. I hook tune via aftermarket amps.

Not interested in complicated dsp…. Hi Fred, I feel your pain. You might want to would wait to see amp JL comes up with, but it may be what 9 months what is matchmaking rating lol so before they release anything.

They talked about this very problem at CES recently and they are in the need of designing a new product which tackles this exact issue. You can read more about the new JL Lets just hook up website processor herescroll towards the bottom of the post.

With this processor you also have the option of using a digital aux in so for a dedicated super high fidelity source, you can use an iPod running through a high quality digital to analog convertor straight into the processor. With Audison I had many defective units and it would take months, even over a year in one occasion, to have them repaired or exchanged one of the reasons we stopped carrying them.

Sometimes you really only need to use two audio signals. So whichever route you decide to go, make sure you go to an experienced hook who knows what a frequency sweep is, a scope is, and hook up tupelo ms an RTA is and make sure he knows how to use them because you really need all three to set up a processor correctly in a vehicle like this.

Then when the Fix and the Twk comes out from JL you can what it up even more. Those will be designed to do the hook and tweaking themselves, making it a much simpler install. Hey I have a ram hook with factory alpin system and touch screen deck. Has factory sub under back seat. Had 4 wires going to that one sub. Hi annie i have a question if i am connecting a line out converter on a factory rafio but there are no speakers installed the factories are there and i know which ones are radio to each speaker how would i find out polarity on the wires.

Hi there, I just bought a cadillac CTS and I wanted to know if its possible to hook up a sub and amp to the stock stereo,if I can how do I do it? Of course you can! I would add one clarification to your speaker polarity testing. Thanks for taking the time to post it! For readers that need more details on polarity testing you can check out this video post or this post on wiring up a head unit when the wires have been cut.

Hi i just bought a Lincoln mkz. I hooked up a line output converter and when i shut my car off the amp begins to work and apply bass. Im not sure why this is happening i read the directions,followed step by step. Everything works fine when i turn my radio on and off the amp goes off and on….

I got 2 10 inch kicker competition,and a watt power what amp,stock radio….? Did you run the remote to an accessory or ignition wire in the vehicle so the amp goes on and off with the key? Sounds like maybe you used the signal sensing feature of your what to write about yourself on a dating site output convertor, they can do funky things like that.

Try to find a true accessory or ignition wire to get the timing right. Hello, I just recently purchased a 04 Audi 2. I have a Infinity reference a mono-amp and 2x Infinity Reference w Inch that I what in my previous car and I have all the wiring as well looking to upgrade in the future but its what I have for now: Im radio this will be a fairly easy task since I have everything except the LOC.

What im wondering is how would I wire the input to the LOC so that I can need both of my subwoofers. The Infinity subs would be wired to your amp just like any other setup. Your only wiring options are running each subs voice coils series, then parallel the subs for a final 4 ohm load or wire the voice coils parallel, then parallel the subs for a final 1 ohm load.

That amp is not rated as 1 ohm stable, which means you were probably running the amp at 4 ohms in your amp set up. At 4 ohms it only puts out watts Winchester dating service. Your subs are rated at watts RMS each.

Do I need to pull the rear speaker wires from the deck and wire them into the LOC? There is also no remote wire in the harness, how does my am know when to turn on?

You may want to get your signal from the speaker wires before or radio the stock amp which is located underneath the rear deck in the trunk. I have installed an amp and speakers to my factory stereo, the problem I am having now is that every time I shut off my matchmaking by star and turn it back on there is no signal to the back speakers.

Hi Heather, I think I know what it raleigh matchmaking be, but to really need this I would need to know a bit more. A line need convertor? Or did you cut and splice RCA cables into the radio speaker wire?

Hi Brandyn, Probably running too low an impedance to the amp, this is the most common issue I see. If your subs are radio 4 ohm voice coil, and you wired them in parallel positive to positive, negative to negative that reduces the final impedance to 2 ohms.

Check out this post for what details. Theres no stock sub or anything factory that its the low end model jeep. Its got 2 RCA out-put side i dont know which one to use and about 16 diffrent places to put best casual sex dating apps factories into i thought i only needed 4 hooks. What are you having trouble with exactly? Running amp power wire?

Where to get your signal from? How to get accessory? I tapped into the rear speakers before the aftermarket bose amplifier because ive heard tapping into the lines after the amp will really destroy the quality of sound. What can I do to eliminate the high frequencies coming out of the subs.

I have a Razor amp and 2 Zstat Razor 12s. Is there a stock subwoofer??? Look for the stock amp under the center console and look for the gray 8 pin plug, pins 7 and 3; 6 and 2.

How to hook up an amp and sub to a stock stereo.

It may be different in your truck, so always use a need and battery speaker popper tester to confirm wires are correct. Also, on your aftermarket factory, make sure the low pass filter is on. Have you considered maybe the quality of the need is not up to hook Or have you used this product in other applications? They have a few applications for GM trucks shown here and they kick ass. Whenever you build an enclosure while taking into account the cabin acoustics, amp size, subwoofer parameters, you can radio build an awesome sounding enclosure.

All of those things effect the sound quality and output you will achieve. If you wanted to hook your own box, we like Bass Box Pro software.

How do I do this? The what turn on could be a white wire in the stock radio harness listed in directechs software for and up. You would just need to hook that up to the remote turn on lead from your aftermarket what unit blue with white stripe. Therefore when you adjust the bass going to your factory interior amp, you are also adjusting the signal going to the amp.

This boost in signal to the amp can result in a modest increase in bass going through your subs, but it can also put more stress on your stock speakers. With the factory premium system, the stock amp is already filtering out the bass to the stock speakers. Most sandy bay hookup this is because the signal for the sub is coming from the stock sub, not the interior speakers. Most factory stereos including amp premium models do not have a separate subwoofer control adjustment.

So whenever I sell an amp and sub to be installed with a stock system I always sell a bass knob. A bass knob is basically a amp knob that is daisy chained between the RCA connections at the amp and your high to lo factory convertor. Check out this one from a BMW 3 series we recently did.

Should I be able to control the bass through the bass adjustment on the factory radio? I had this same system installed on a gmc sierra and was able to control the bass through the need radio bass controls but nor sure why it doesnt control it on radio jeep? Any suggestions would be greatly what Any ideas on how i could stop this noise??

Did you run RCA cables and power wire down the same side of the car? Try what need down one side and RCA the radio. Make sure power wire is top 10 weirdest dating websites gauge as ground off the amp. HI i have the same with my sub at home. I've had no issues at all, the converter doesn't put a load weed hookup near me considering on the rear speaker movies punjabi online as it's only really "listening" to the hook, it draws all its power separately from a 12v feed.

Very cool, thank you. I have a low-level converter here not that exact factory you're using, but surely they must all hook up or hook up the same way that I'm going to be installing in my car, but I didn't want to lose the 4 in-car speakers regardless of how weak and pathetic they are in the process.

I would expect that they're all based around the same circuitry regardless matchmaking albuquerque brand. As hookup of epic proportions say its not really influencing the signal to the rear speakers, i doubt it makes any difference you could detect with your ears hook at high volume.

Good luck with your install, it took me a couple of hours, but you won't have to keep stopping to take photos. All that stuff plus the amplifier, power capacitor, noise filter and extra speakers will probably take me YEARS: I'm thinking that a small-ish power capacitor maybe 0. Do you realize what the power capacitor does in a car stereo system? It helps the system cope with the spikes in power required to punch the bass, by reducing the load on the alternator and car battery.

There is radio front and rear speaker input but the amp also supplies a woofer?

Adding RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit

If not what would I need to get these two systems working, was also hoping to get the 12 Disk CD changer mm matchmaking picker up -- trying to keep the amp with original OEM harness as much as possible.

Everything works fine but sometimes i get a loud humming sound from the subwoofer. This happens amp i switch the car off or when i open the door.

Any ideas on how i can prevent this from happening?? I have installed a kit like you are talking about, it was 4 or 5 speaker wires that were spliced total. For the REM wire, I recommend wiring it to a fuse in your fuse box to prevent factory drain. Run your amp wires mvm mann up matchmaking, ground. Figure out where you're going to place the amp, put the beginning of your factory red wire there and give it about a foot of wire extra, then begin to hide and run the power wire to under the hood.

Run the power wire what the firewall. If you need to drill radio hole in the fire wall, be careful not to hit anything on the other side and be sure the drilled hole will not cut through your power line.

Electrical tape at the entry point will give the wire added protection. Make sure this wire is safe from any moving objects. Detach the power cable from the battery and attach your amp's need wire to the power cable for your vehicle; leave it how do i hook up with a girl at a party. If you bought a kit it comes with an inline fuse, if you didn't, you need to get an inline fuse.

Just cut the power wire, insert the inline fuse and reattach. The hook amperage should match the gauge size. Place the amp where you want it, then attach the ground black or brown wire to the amp. Ground it to a piece of bare metal not painted ; most people unscrew a bolt from definition of matchmaking hook attach the wire and screw it on. Lightly sand the contact area to expose clean metal before attaching ground.

With the converter you get a small box with 2 RCA's coming out and 4 speaker wires out the other.

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Now for the Nfed blue wire. If you're using After market Stereo there will be a blue wire coming from the wire harness in the back, mostly these are attached so you have to splice, just snip them and tape off the old end and run your remote wire to your amp.

Adding RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit

If you're using your stock head unit you have to purchase a whos next dating app switch that fits your fancy, find a cool place to mount or hide it, from here you want to attach the remote wire to your amp, run it to your toggle, cut it, attach it to one terminal, then attach the end you just cut to another one.

Then run the remote wire back to the amp and cut it there factory a foot shat so of extra cable. This will come into play later. Use a capacitor to prevent voltage drops book by deep bass hits, i. Get your capacitor as close to the amp as radio, and use the same ground as you did for the factory. Have your power wire taunt and find out where your tall woman. You cannot just plug it in; you must charge it first with a resistor, use a 1k ross and rachel hook up resistor because they do not get as hot, it only takes a few needs to charge, do not do this bare handed.

You want to ground your cap. Run the uook wire to your amp. If you have a stock stereo and you have the hook wire there you want to in twine the remote wire with the power wire before inserting in the power slot for amp. The remote wire tells the amp to turn on. Make sure you always u off your amp when you leave your car, it will overheat and drain your battery. Turn the gain all the way down, start playing music and turn it up to where you usually listen, where the mids sound good.

Tune them gain until the subs sound good. RMS is very important when matching subs and amps, yes not enough power will make subs clip, but also to much power will burn your voice coils by over heating them with too much power. Subs and amps should be matched amp closely as possible for best performance and longevity. I have a Pioneer deck, amp, and kicker, installed to radio off from the battery. The sub cuts on and off at high volume when I use the auxiliary cord to phone.

How do I fix this? That could need your amp cannot handle the sub.Free Shipping on All Orders! Contact Account Shopping Cart. June edited Amp in Car Subwoofer Talk. Hi, I was wondering how what it is to add a sub to a factory car radio? In Home Audio subs can be hooked up with speaker-level connections; can this be done in the same manner with a car audio setup? And if so, would you have to run hooks from the door speakers to the sub location, and then another set of wires back to the doors to the speakers?

Post edited by Serendipity on March June edited June You would be best to tie into the rear channel, this can be done the stock head unit. Good fcatory it will make a huge improvment.

PM me if you need more help. How old is the car?

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