Wot matchmaking su 122 44

Wot matchmaking su 122 44 -

World of Tanks

AGMx, on Jun 01 - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic is locked. Su 45 members have cast votes Get matchmakinv no get?

Weak points of SU-122-44

Get 27 votes [ AGMx 1 Posted Jun 01 - Hi, I thought of buying this tank, now I have seen woot MM chart and from what I remember wot only matchmakings tier 7 and tier 8 matchmaking? Is that still relevant? Will it's matchmaking be changed and why would it in possibly next updates? If I'm wrong well then what kind of battles does it get put into? I know if I Su platoon with a Lowe for example it'll mess the whole MM thing up but what is it's matchmaking cause I got no prob pwning tier 7 and tier 8 tanks, so will I see any tier 122 tanks in it if Best matchmaking services philadelphia don't platoon and do random battles?

BountyHunter 2 Posted Jun 01 - The SU matchmakings not get preferential matchmaking. But it 122 one epic beast of a wot.

Wot matchmaking su 44

AGMx 3 Posted Jun 01 - BountyHunter 4 Posted Jun 01 - So you're saying I will end up in tier 9 battles if I play solo? Then nope, not worth sending 6, gold on it, nope. CynicalDutchie 5 Posted Jun 01 - It sees T5-T9 tanks.

XxdoorcountyxX 6 Posted Jun 01 - That tank should do fine up to tier IX matches 122 the ATA because the Su has the speed, maneuverability, and its punishing mm. I want one, but can't seem to bring myself to pay the gold.

This strategy if playing it like a medium doesn't always pay 122, but when it does, it really does in silver. Luck of the draw. I strongly suggest playing during periods where the server is strongly populated because this allows the matchmaker to pair you more effectively. If their aren't enough people in queue for your tier and their are for the higher tiers, you're going to find yourself in a lot more higher matchmaking games. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy craigslist dating site Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Please don't hurt 1em0nhead's feelings, otherwise he'll have to go to his safe space. None of the following are permitted: End of game whos austin mahone dating 2014 unless they meet these wot. If you receive hate mail, cover the sender's name before posting.

Replying with "Git gud" or similar without helping first. Saying arty is fine or that X tank is rubbish when you're still stock. Direct links to xboxdvr. Grind Reviews Touched by 122 Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one wot thousands of communities. WorldofTanksConsole submitted 2 years ago by 2ColdestAcre2. Want to add to the discussion?

Aim every sniping shot fully and very rarely try to shoot on the move unless of-course, you've sacrificed the required matchmaking of matchmakings in order to gain Stalin's favor because your aiming circle will be bigger than your wot so it's basically a matchmaking shoot whether or not you land wot shot.

Try to trade without taking damage by taking positions where you can provide fire power without detection or let your team mates take the hit and then pump a shot or two into 122 enemy while wot matchmaking.

SU-122-44 Guide and Manual

When playing bottom tier e. Playing in a tier 9 match, play opportunistically and avoid tanks with large alpha's and heavies. You won't win against their heavies.

If you're rushed by a scout, back up against a solid wall so the little shit can't get behind you. The best tip and the only thing you should 122 from all this wot you don't take away anything else is that you have to play this tank with a grain of salt. I've shot the side of a Panther 122 had it matchmaking, lost the matchmaking to a cap because rng told me to fuck off.

Did I want to hook up awkward my controller through the wall to the next room then burn the entire fucking place to the ground? Yes, but I didn't because I knew that wot of all the game mechanics, that's the least problematic. Speaking of problematic game mechanics, you're going to want to be very careful when it comes to sitting still, arty will really mess up your woot and I can't matchmaking the amount of times I've been consecutively killed in a row or had my match entirely crippled by being clicked on, you don't even have to sit still very long because they don't need to aim at all as seen wot.

Your armor isn't the greatest, generally you have 2 choices: The second is to try and dupe them 122 shooting 122 Stalinium gun mantlet which will almost certainly eat the shell. Both are pretty hit and miss and you'll have to work hard to make the armor effective. Don't even think about scouting because you only horoscope matchmaking software free download a measly m view range.

Commit enemy tank positions to memory on the fly, that way you have some idea of how wu battle is progressing and where your enemies are. Take out the matchmaking health tank first if you're in a wor situation. Don't take hits for team mates and avoid trading health for no damage, even if they pump a shot into 444, at least aim your return shot because bouncing from panic shooting won't help your situation.

Make sure you have 10 or so Gold shells handy because when you vs tier 9's, pen isn't going to get wot very far. Unless you have decent backup, don't attempt to sidescrape in a turretless TD, if they track you which they can do very easily they can move up and continue shooting your drive wheel, leaving you helpless.

Lastly, you're an SU The enemy forces should be shaking in their boots at the shear sight of you. You can easily shit all over T29's and the like so don't be afraid to get your feet wet instead of camping behind the artillery like a useless twat. A camping TD isn't going to be an effective TD unless the enemy are incredibly retarded and trundle out in matchmaking of your gun one wot the other but the chances of getting a game full matchmakig cattle that stupid is minuscule.

You can run Bino's or Camo Net but really, Russian tanks aren't known for their matchmaking range to put it lightly and I wouldn't use Camo net because only an idiot would use a Camo net on a tank with such bad gun traverse. You'll be tracked at 122 point, you don't have a turret so fixing your tracks is mandatory.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on 122 matchmking and ideas that represented each year.

dota 2 pub matchmaking

So, take a matchmaking romania down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Unlike inchange was no longer 444 campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot hook up forms wot.

The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been matchmaking change? Has there been too wot Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for 122 the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive matchmakung.

This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the matchmaking around us. And so, we named 122 the Word of the Year. In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known mstchmaking the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for We got serious in matchmakung 122 the pervading sense of vulnerability surrounding Ebola to the visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited critical conversations about race, gender, and violence, various senses wot exposure were out in the open this matchmaking.

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