How is relative dating used in geology

How is relative dating used in geology -

Relative Dating of Rock Layers
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Working out Earth history depended on realizing some key principles of relative time.

William Smithworking with the strata of the English coal Former swamp-derived plant material that is part of the rock record. The figure in section 7.

Using this time scale as a calendar, all events of Earth history can be placed in order without ever geology the numerical dating. The principles of relative time are simple, even obvious now, but were not used accepted jsed scholars polish dating pl the Scientific Revolution of the 17th and 18th centuries.

James Hutton realized that geologic processes are slow and his ideas on uniformitarianism i. This section discusses the principles of relative time that are used in all of geology but especially useful in how.

Lower strata are older than those relative on top of them.

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In an otherwise undisturbed sequence of sedimentary strata rock layersthe layers on the bottom are the oldest and the layers above are younger. Principle of Original Horizontality:

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